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Cocktail course & workshop

Mobile cocktail course

Thanks to our mobile bar, we offer the maximum flexibility you need for your event.

Book an unforgettable experience. Mixing your own high-quality cocktail is so much fun and when it turns out to be the tastiest one you've ever drunk, the joy is even greater. In the future, too, you can mix your own favorite drinks at home and enjoy the joy of the guests as a host.

The workshops are mobile for all locations and every occasion.

Experience something unique at your event and a delicious activity for all guests.

And the bartenders are also not without :-). Whether juggling, fires, colorful and steaming layered cocktails balanced on the arm let the mood rise.

Mixology course


What does the course prepare me for?

We'll prepare you so that you can get started right away as a bartender behind the bar.

You will already know the classics after one day. The door to the bartending world is open.


  • Welcome drink

  • Tasting

Recognize aromas and flavors and learn to use them in beverages

  • Techniques and Tricks

Exercises and basics of mixology, classic cocktails,

  • Pouring

Cocktail course Berlin

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will mix delicious cocktails according to the highest mixology art, following instructions from the bartender.

Let yourself be surprised and experience a cocktail preparation known only from professionals.

-Welcome shots - flying equipment- fire show - snacks

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